It used to be that a clean desk was the sign of a sick mind.  So I thought I was sooo in the clear with the healthiest mind out there. Now as we let the papers, cups, and general "stuff" accumulateon our desk, we are all being judged.

That is my actual desk that has not been staged at all for this post.  Do you judge me because of my messy desk? If you are the keeper of a messy desk too, then post your messy desk picture on our Facebook page and I'll hook you up with 10,000 VIP points to add to your Rock-A-Holic account.  Deadline to get the pictures in is next Wednesday, so that gives you a full week.  I'll then put all the pictures in a gallery so we can bask in our messiness.  But, we are supposedly being judged by our co-workers and bosses.

--According to a new survey by OfficeMax, having a messy desk could actually be holding back your career.

--53% of people surveyed say they think negative things about coworkers who have messy desks. 40% . . . including managers and bosses . . . say that they think a messy desk is a sign that the person is lacking in other aspects of their job too.

--13% of people say they have a lower overall opinion of their messy coworker AS A HUMAN BEING. 4% say it's a sign you're really bad at your job. And 3% think a messy desk is a sign that you're NOT SMART.

--46% of the people surveyed said that they're planning to try to keep their work space cleaner this year than they did last year.

--77% say that when things are messy or cluttered, it hurts their productivity. And 9% say that being surrounded by a mess makes them GAIN WEIGHT.

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