When you hear a KISS song, you automatically think football, right?  Maybe not, but if you're looking for a band to open your football telecasts, I'd take KISS over Faith Hill every time.  Unless Faith is in her underwear.  Or a wet t-shirt.  But, I digress.

Today, Raycom Sports announced a partnership of rock royalty and ACC football, as KISS’ new  single, 'Hell Or Hallelujah' will set the tone for the kickoff of each week’s syndicated game.  According to David Barringer of Raycom,

“KISS’ music and college football go hand in hand. They are part of the fabric of America and American culture. Their pure, high energy music is going to be a great addition to our games.”

Check out the promo video:

O.K., SEC...it's time to step up. How about a Metallica intro for SEC games? Motorhead, even...now that would ROCK!!