Everyone's favorite Hollywood screw up, Nic Cage, had an interesting weekend in New Orleans.

A boozed-up Nicolas Cage was arrested early Saturday  after he allegedly got into a drunken argument with his wife.

Cage allegedly grabbed his wife''s arm and tried to guide her into a house that he — incorrectly — thought they rented, police said. When she refused, he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her — which caused a passerby to flag down cops.

The drunken actor then slammed the hood of several parked cars and was trying to get into a taxi when an officer ordered him to stop.  He then allegedly mocked the police until they eventually arrested him. (Maybe, he just wanted to hang out with Steven Segal for a bit.)

The erratic actor was charged with domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public drunkenness.

We have  learned several things from Nic Cage's EPIC WEEKEND. A) Nic Cage truly is a nut case, he just doesn't play one on TV. B) He would make a great playmate for Charlie Sheen. And C) Leaving Las Vegas was actually a documentary.