My son turns two years old tomorrow, and I always stress on getting the perfect toy. I don't want to get him something lame, but I think I found the PERFECT gift in "Let's Rock Elmo."

I saw the toy at Wal-Mart earlier today, and bought it on impulse. "Let's Rock Elmo" has all the potentical to be as annoying if not worse than "Tickle Me Elmo."

Elmo plays six different "rockin" songs and you can even get a guitar, keyboard, and microphone for your kid to play along with Elmo. You might think that's for suckers, but think about it. You get the "Let's Rock Elmo" for your kid and then for the next holiday, either their birthday or Christmas you can get one or two of the accessories and the toy becomes a whole new thing.

This toy does come with some risks. My son is kinda shy and quiet (I know that comes as a shock, since he is mine) and his favorite "toys" are books. The boy LOVES to "read." Yeah, I know he can't read right now, but he will sit for like 15 minutes thumbing through his books.

I'll post a later video of him actually playing with the toy so you can see how it turns out.

Below, you can check out my test video of it after I got it here to the station.