Some guy steals a Pomeranian from a pet store in New York by stuffing the poor dog in his pants. Finally some truth to the amazing line from "No Strings Attached," "It's like a crime scene in my pants."

The New York Post has video of a couple of criminal masterminds in their attempted robbery of a pet store in Long Island. The two numbnuts had a brilliant plan one would keep the pet shopkeeper distracted and numbnuts #2 would take the cash from the register. The two even wore ear pieces to keep in contact.

Only thing was, he couldn't get the register to open. Being a nimble minded criminal, he decides that a yappy one pound Pomeranian worth $1,000 is a sufficient substitute for the cash and stuffs the poor dog down his pants. Even with the whole robbery being caught on security cameras these criminals are still at large. One has hopefully removed the pooch from his pants.