You know that old catchphrase that men think about sex every seven seconds? According to a new survey, men are a LOT less perverted than that. I mean . . . it's not even close.Head & Shoulders surveyed 5,000 men and they found that men actually only think about sex every TWO HOURS. Here's how the average guy's day breaks down . . .He spends 177 minutes a day worrying about his job. If he's single, he spends 126 minutes thinking about finding a woman. If he's married, he spends 118 minutes thinking about his wife. He also spends 101 minutes worrying about money . . .Almost an hour thinking about sports. 33 minutes worrying about how he looks and whether he's going bald. 30 minutes thinking about his mom. And about 15 minutes thinking about sex. They didn't say what men are thinking about for their other six or seven waking hours.