The website SportsPickle has found that there are some of the most unfortunately named people in this year's Olympic Games. So, in commemoration of none of these names coming from the USA, let's point and laugh at the Top 10.

#1.) Chinese trampolinist Dong Dong. (Too easy).









#2.) Canadian swimmer Victoria Poon.








#3.) Austrian heptathlete Ivona Dadic. (Yes, she does have a right grip on her Javelin.)








#4.) South Korean pole vaulter Yoo Suk Kim. (Wanna place bets on that one?)








#5.) New Zealand cyclist Jack Bauer . . . like from "24". All he needs is a gun.








#6.) Swiss equestrian athlete Werner Muff.








#7.) Canadian track star Gavin Smellie. (Which deodorant will be first?)








#8.) Japanese volleyball player Yoshie Takeshita. (But don't take one of mine...yes, stolen from Carlin)








#9.) Chinese sailor Aichen Wang (could it be because of where the sail is attached?).








#10.) A track and field athlete from Trinidad and Tobago named . . . Sparkle McKnight.