Muse's new album "The 2nd Law" is due out in September, but you'll be hearing a lot of the first single from the album before then.

The song 'Survival', has been chosen as the Official Song of the 2012 London Olympics, and will be played when athletes enter the stadium, in the lead up to the medal ceremony and also as the theme for all international TV coverage.

According to, the band says,

"Matt wrote the song with the Olympics in mind. It's about total conviction and pure determination to win. We are honoured that the Olympics have chosen our song to officially represent the London 2012 Olympic Games across the globe."

Check out the song here:

As to what we can expect from the rest of the album, they continued,

"We've tried a bunch of new things, which the trailer gives a glimpse of. There's only one song that's like that. We've basically tried to do what Rage Against The Machine did with hip-hop in the 1990s and take a bit of the electronic world and dubstep and play it with real instruments. There's only one track like that, the rest of it is very very diverse."

Check out the trailer for "The 2nd Law" here: