Gimme a G...G!  Gimme a M...M!  Gimme an I...I! Gimme a L...L! Gimme an F...F!  What's that spell?  The NFL's oldest cheerleader!  Not really, but we trust you can figure it out.  At 42 years of age Laura Vikmanis is the oldest cheerleader in the NFL.  She's a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader...good thing too since they'll never do anything to cause her to get too excited and have a heart attack.

Her story is quite compelling...her husband left her, so she did the only sensible thing and tried out for the Cincinnati Bengals cheer leading squad at 39 years old. In other words it was made for the movies!

New Line Cinema picked up the rights for the movie, and the same "geniuses" that wrote Gnomeo and Juliette are writing the script for this one.  I'm guessing that the movie will follow the line of either Necessary Roughness or The Replacements.  It might have a Bring It flavor to it...either way, you're girlfriend will probably drag you to it.  At least make her think she's forcing you to watch it. You want to preserve some ounce of your manhood.