At some point in time, most of us have shot video at a concert - on our cellphones, the video setting on our digital cameras, and sometimes (if we can sneak it past security) on an actual video camera. Most of the time the result is crap, with someone yelling into the mic, waving their hand in front of the camera, or knocking you around. But sometimes, you actually get good stuff. And when you have HUNDREDS of fans shooting video, and then getting together to combine all their good stuff together into one seamless concert, the results can be amazing!

Let's say the band is kind enough to toss in flawless soundboard audio from the same show. Solid gold! That's exactly what happened at the Radiohead show at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City in September of 2011. For those that appreciate all the hard work they put into the project, the creators of the resulting video are asking fans to to donate to the Hurricane Sandy and Haiti Earthquake relief funds. Download the video here, or kick back and suck it down here:

For the Radiohead purist, here's the setlist for the show:

little by little
the national anthem
subterranean homesick alien
like spinning plates
all I need
true love waits/everything in its right place
15 step
weird fishes/arpeggi
lotus flower
daily mail
good morning mr magpie
give up the ghost