Rob Zombie is a weirdo. Hey, I love him to death, but that doesn't make that statement any less true. He has created some of the most disturbing, creepy, frightening, and horrific music/films in the history of art. And it doesn't look like he has mellowed out any with age. His new film "The Lords of Salem" looks like it may end up being a blood soaked masterpiece that will leave you permanently scarred.

Rob's wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, plays the lead in a demonic tale of a radio DJ who unwittingly plays a record on the air only to awaken the spirits of the dead.

And it seems these spirits happen to be those that were burnt alive during the witch trials conducted long ago in that very small Massachusetts town. To make matters worse our heroine is addicted to drugs, maybe having an emotional breakdown and finds herself suddenly pregnant.

By all accounts from those that have seen it, it's a deeply disturbing tale that will shake you to the core. Nice! Check out the Teaser trailer below and keep eye online for when this movie will be released in a town near you.