With the various members involved in God knows how many projects - not to mention writing, demoing, and recording new material for the next Tool album - how Maynard and his gang of merry men found time to do a month log winter tour is beyond me.  But, I'm glad they did, for selfish reasons...

Reason #1.  I want a new Tool album.  Like yesterday.  Years ago, when I heard my first taste of Tool, it changed my life.  Really.  AAnd I'm due for another life changer.  The sooner the better.  But, you say, "If they're on the road, won't that slow the process down?  Au contraire!!!  toolband.com said it best:

"During a month of touring, ALL FOUR BAND MEMBERS WILL BE TOGETHER, with lots of down time and great big stages containing their equipment, as well as state-of-the-art sound systems (The geniuses!). Not to mention crack security personnel. During the sound checks, once they’ve dialed in the mix for a couple of the songs on the set list for that evening, there should be a sufficient amount of time left to work on NEW MUSIC (that is - music for the next record). So, it’s a win-win situation"

Reason#2.  Two of those 18 shows in January and February go down in Dallas (Friday & Saturday, January 20 & 21)! I know my ass will be firmly planted in a seat for at least one of those shows...and you could be in the seats right next to me!

All next week (1/16-1/19), 99X will be giving away tickets to these sold out shows at the Verizon Theater (an amazing venue to see Tool perform)!

How do you win?  Listen up...it's tricky!  You turn on your radio.  Make sure it's set to 98.9 FM.  Listen for us to say "Call now for your chance to win tickets to see Tool".  Be the caller we ask for (hint: It's always caller #9).  Win tickets.  Got it?  Good.   Here's some Tool to chew on while you wait to score tickets: