WTF is a Snooki any way? To put it simply, a Snooki is a robot being controlled by tiny creatures from another planet that just want to see what stupid non-sense will take hold of our world's attention.  Okay that's just a theory, but really can someone make this Snooki go away?  I'm not all that miffed about her resent cover of the Rolling Stone, since I have long gave up on that rag.  I was cool with it as long as it stayed in it's own little world of MTV Reality Show stupidity, but now it is seeking control over WWE!

Yeah, that's right Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has an actual match in Wrestlemania 27, which airs on pay-per-view April 3, 2011. Snookie is teamed up with women's rasslin' legend Trish Stratus and a hot dude named John Morrison. They'll be taking on Vickie Guerrero, the team of "Laycool" . . . which is made up of two chicks named Michelle McCool and Layla. . . and Dolph Ziggler. They set the whole thing up on Monday Night Raw.

And here's the video of her Rolling Stone cover shoot.