Hi. My name is Gonzo, and I'm a fan of Jimmy Kimmel. There I said it. That's step number one, right? Seriously, Kimmel has managed to consistently managed to crack my ass up since his days as "Jimmy the Sports Philosopher".

For my money, Kimmel's late night show is the best on television (Craig Ferguson would rate highly with me, too, if the bastard hadn't announced he was leaving his show this year...so, I've started my withdrawal early) - from his choice of musical guests (don't p*** on my parade, I like to think he books his own guests), his interviews, to the special segments...he's untouchable.

One of my favorite segments is "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets", where various celebrity types go on camera and read random, vicious tweets from semi-anonymous twitter posts. And occasionally reply. It makes me sad that this particular segment only comes up occasionally, but when it does, it's worth the wait! Take last night's for instance, when Sophia Vergara's reply to her attacker's tweet nearly made me soil myself!

Sophia's tweet is the last on this particular video, but don't skip to it...some of the others are pretty damn funny as well: