Thank the Lord for Science. These guys always know how to come along and ruin our good times. Plus they have the amazing ability to make  EVERYTHING seem like a life or death situation.

A study from University Medical Center in the Netherlands claims to have  identified eight activities that contribute to the risk of having a brain aneurysm that can cause a stroke.

They say all these things induce a sudden spike in blood pressure that can rupture a blood vessel in your brain.

The most risky according to the study is drink coffee followed by vigorous exercise, blowing your nose too forcefully, sex, straining to defecate, drinking cola, being startled and being angry. Oddly enough, these are the same eight steps I go through every time I have sex.

But, if all this is true, we are all truly doomed. Plus, I'm convinced that this serves as proof the Universe screwed us and then had a stroke and died.