Who’s on Homegrown 04-24-11?
Joining me tonight...Ben Shirley and Luke Metcalf, to talk about the upcoming Homegrown Live-Unplugged show at the Riverside Warehouse! This is Ben's first time on Homegrown, and will be his first Warehouse show...and Luke's Homegrown debut, as well...
Who Are the KoT?
Find out here!! I interviewed several members of the Louisiana Chapter of the Knights of Thor (I'm a member, too!) I've separated this into four parts, to make for easier listening.
KoT Pt. 1:
KoT Pt. 2:
KoT Pt. 3:
KoT Pt...
Best Song Ever…And I Wrote It! [AUDIO]
New song by new local rock duo Aimless...featuring JADE!! (Angela Thomas) on vocals, Rich Kelham on guitars.  This is my first attempt at creating my own music, so let me know what you think! Listen after the jump.