Brett Favre

Would You Hit It? [PHOTOS, NSFW]
Time for another (A)rousing edition of "Would You Hit It?"...where you decide if some random famous or semi-famous wumpy is worth a round of vigorous fapping. Up today, former Florida State sideline wumpty and Brett Favre texting buddy,  Jenn Sterger...let the voting, a…
Brett Favre Will Never Learn…[PIC]
The great thing about Football is that any given moment, anything can happen. Sunday night during the Packers/Bears game, one of my favorite sports moments happened and it didn't even take place on the field.
NBC flashed a shot of a lady Packer fan holding up a sign that read "My cheati…
Brett Favre Is Retiring [VIDEO]
This just in! Reports are now coming in that Brett Favre has submitted his retirement papers to the NFL. This has been done before and most people are skeptic to believe. This will last 3 days and then, like Jesus, he will return.