chicks and guns

The Glorious Finale of Chicks & Guns
Well, I haven't put one of these things together in a stupid long time because there is a TON of red tape to go through to put one of those old posts together. So this will probably be the last.
Return Of Chicks And Guns
Check your safety there fellah and brace yourself for another round of chicks and guns. Pictures of bad ass women and sweet guns. Modded out AR's, sweet old school guns, even a picture of a hot chick at a conceal carry class. Our kind of lady
Chicks And Guns … Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun
As a proud carrier of a Man Card. I like to pride myself in knowledge of two things. Boobs and guns. Not that I can handle all makes and models (not that I haven't tried in the past). Here's some eye candy for you to check out to get you through your work day
What Happens When You Mix Guns And Boobs? Awesome Pictures
Time to showcase two of my favorite things. Guns and boobs. Techincally I guess that should be 3 of my favorite things. Though I find myself more partial to the right boob than the left. What can I say ... righty is tighty. Anyway here's pictures of guns and boobs
Gentlemen Of The World Rejoice! Chicks And Guns Is Back
What in the world was I thinking taking time off from my favorite pass time, looking at pictures of beautiful women and sweet looking guns. Well we have them in spades here. Check out some cool looking guns and some hot women taking selfies

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