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We’re Getting Excited For Geek’d Con 2016
Last year, Geek'd Con forever changed Shreveport. What started as a small idea, bloomed into a movement. The reason the movement took off, was people like you.
It was kind of a crazy idea: Shreveport doesn't have a comic con, what if someone just started one...
Who Is The Villain In The Suicide Squad Movie? [VIDEO]
Hopefully you've seen the trailer above by now. It's over 5 million views within the first 18 hours of being posted online.
The Suicide Squad movie is an interesting experiment in the rush of comic book movies. First of all, this movie is about villains...
The 12 Most Popular 99X Videos of 2015 – Part 1
In 2015 we tried to make sure we shot enough video to keep you and involved, engaged, and entertained by our shenanigans. That means we shot a lot of video in our studio, during interviews, and at our events. Just to share with you!
New Batmobile, And Jokermobile Show Up [VIDEO]
The new DC Comics film Suicide Squad is filming in Toronto right now. Unlike most superhero movies, there have been a lot of picture releases of characters, as well as video from the set. Leaving little for the surprise element when the movie is released...
Top 10 Jess Harnell Voices [VIDEO]
For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to put together some lists of my favorite roles for each of the actors coming to Geek'd Con, starting with the 10 biggest Jess Harnell voices.