4 Signs Your Dog Is Your Valentine
While your dog isn't thrilled about reading a sweet card maybe consider dropping by the pet store and bringing a bone, a treat, or an annoying squeaky toy home for the loyal Valentine. Here are 4 signs that your dog is most definitely your Valentine this year.
The App That Will Find Your Dogs Perfect Match
It's like a Tinder for your dog. You have several profiles to read through. You find your pets perfect match, and then you ask the question. "Are you available to board my dog on these dates?" Since I am rather new to town and my dog is a jerk to cats, I had to find a way to g…
Dog Uses Invisible Power To Drop A Kid [VIDEO]
I should maybe feel bad that the kid fell down. He might have actually hurt himself, but probably not. Also, the kid was kind of being a jerk to the dog. He tried to do the whole 'made you flinch' thing, and it backfired.
The dog isn't trying to hurt him, and actually probably hurt him…
Derby the Dog Gets 3D-Printed Prosthetic Legs [Video]
Derby the dog was born with deformed front legs.
Despite the deformity, he was still able to get around pretty well, just a little slower than the average dog.
His Rock Hill, S.C., owners, Sherri and Dom Portanova, who adopted Derby from an organization that specializes in such animals, and his fo…

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