If You Plan to Drink This Weekend
I forget quite often that it now takes me 3 days and a miracle to recover from a night out of drinking or a drink at lunch that turns into day drinking. I miss the days where I could drink all night long and wake up in time for Brunch not looking like a raccoon who had just been hit by a truck.
Have You Ever Been This Drunk? Funny Walk Of Shame Video
Whiskey can give you some TERRIBLE advice when you're out at clubs. Whether that bad decision has been "15 lap dances in a row from the stripper who looks like your high school crush would be AWESOME. Who cares rent is due tomorrow!?!" or "Sure she's 350lbs, but …
Hangover Survival School
How many New Years have you rung in? How many New Years have you awakened with your head “ringing” as if you were the clapper INSIDE the bell welcoming the new year? This is Hangover Survival School,  from where I can lecture with authority, because, well, I&Clo…
What Kind Of Hangover Do You Have?
As we head into the Christmas day get togethers with family and friends, the booze will be flowing. And, if you're not careful, you'll be rolling from hangover to hangover.
Blowfish: The Cure for the Common Hangover
After years of physical use and abuse, my aching head may finally get some relief! All it took was a hard-drinking entrepreneur to invent this effervescent mix of caffeine, aspirin and stomach soothers to help her with mornings after. It claims to work within 15 minutes...
Hangovers Get Worse With Age
You can file this one under DUH, but as you get older the worse your hangovers will be. Any one who has been on an all night bender of tequila and whiskey in college and then again 10 years later can attest to this fact , but the researchers at Union College thought we needed a reason for this.
They …