Caught in the Middle: Siri Parody Commercial [VIDEO]
Technology is a beautiful thing, except when it is parodied by College Humor. The folks at Apple recently began an ad campaign for the new iPhone 4S's Siri program.
In College Humor's hilarious spoof, Siri embodies a little of Suri Cruise and what that poor child most go though.
Steve Jobs Through the Years [PICTURES]
The man who changed the face of technology as we know it has died. Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, who was battling pancreatic cancer and had a liver transplant in 2009, has passed away at the age of 56.
Will Apple Unveil the iPhone 5 on October 4?
Sources claim Apple’s newly-installed CEO, Tim Cook, will preside over an October 4 media event in which he will announce the long-awaited iPhone 5.
The date is consistent with previous reports setting early October as the release date for the next-generation smartphone.
Freaky iPhone Video Captures Weirdest Guitar String Movements Ever
This clip, recorded from the inside of an acoustic guitar captures the instrument’s strings wildly oscillating in a way that’s different from what you would see if you were watching the videographer strum his six-string live — instead of a subtle vibrating, the strings move in exaggerated waves, lik…
Apple Coming Out With A New Toy For Hipster Douchebags
Here's some new for all you hipster, nerdy, never been laid types. Steve Jobs could be cementing his place in history as a"Technological Jesus" with the upcoming release of the new iPhone sometime this year.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is making moves in pr…
Technology of the Future [VIDEO]
Because of the launch of Apple's Ipad 2, everyone has been talking about how far technology has come and they're starting to wonder what's in store for the future. Well this morning I was doing a little research and show prep and I happened to stumble over an article that had a video.
Android May Give Apple A “RIM” Job
At least in terms of market share.  Which smart phones are people buying now?  Neilsen's recent study suggests it's all about the Droid.
Over 2010, Nielsen charted a 27 percent market share average for Apple's iPhone, while RIM's BlackBerry fell hard from a high of 39 percent--and Android licensees c…