What Are The Job Prospects Like In Louisiana?
We've all been there.  That murky, alternate universe of "between jobs."  You fine-tune your resume, scour the job-listing sites, prepare for interviews--anything to get your foot in the door.  It's even harder when most of the country continues to exp…
What Does Porn And A Job Have In Common?
What Does Porn And A Job Have In Common? Well the answer is easy, it's a 36 yr old Brazilian woman named Ana Catarian Bezerra. Apparently Bezerra has a chemical imbalance that makes her have major anxiety and hypersexuality. So she has won the right to watch porn and masturbate at her job.…
No Job is Better Than a Crappy Job
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Being a lazy bum is actually better for you mental health than having some thankless menial job. Right. Try explaining that to your old lady.