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Law Enforcement and Marijuana DUI Field Testing [VIDEO]
With the legalization of marijuana becoming a reality in some states, and other states strongly considering it, a problem arises. As with alcohol, driving under the influence of weed could present a problem, because whether you want to admit it or not - impaired judgement is impaired judgement...
Louisiana Residents Want Legal Weed, State Lawmakers Scared
Louisiana residents support legalized marijuana. In fact, a recent poll by the American Civil Liberties Union discovered that more than half of the state’s registered voters are in favor of supporting a taxed and regulated marijuana commerce, as opposed to locking up nonviolent drug …
Marijuana Debate Is On Fire in Louisiana
Louisiana lawmakers will duke it out later this spring in an attempt to reduce the penalties associated with marijuana offenses. However, there is no misconception; the state has a long way to go before it embraces the idea of legalized marijuana.
Marijuana Politics: Louisiana Just Isn’t Cool
There is no doubt that marijuana laws are changing across America: the legalization of cannabis in Colorado and Washington last year is an excellent representation that this issue is headed in the right direction.
However, that does not appear to be the case in Louisiana, where a judge has the author…