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5 French Quarter Strip Clubs Forced To Close
It was a dark day for strip clubs in the French Quarter today in New Orleans. 
Five different strip clubs had their liquor licences suspended after a multi-department investigation found varies illegal activities taking place at all of the bars...
Former Saint Jimmy Graham Fights New Teammate [PIC]
Former New Orleans Saint Jimmy Graham is fitting in with his teammates. He and new teammate Bruce Irvin got together for this staged fight pic that went up on social media yesterday.
Can't we all just get along?!?! Lmao .... @bruceirvin51 @TheJimmyGraham @jkearse15 @bambamkam
Posted by Richard Sher…
Louisiana Urban Legends [VIDEO]
With all of the ghost stories around the state, you'd think the word Louisiana would be Latin for haunting.
From voodoo to vampires, Louisiana may be the most haunted state in the union. But it's not just hauntings in the state that scare folk, the urban legends lend to the state's fea…
New Orleans Po-Boy Shop Offers Chicken For Reward [VIDEO]
Melba's Po-boy is pretty pissed off at some local graffiti 'artists'. How pissed? Well, they're offering 1,000 pieces of chicken to whoever helps catch these guys. The shop released this security video to help out:
If you have a relative in the Nola area, and they like chicken, yo…
Thrillist Names The Top Strip Club In Louisiana
In a state that has the City of New Orleans, being the top strip club is a pretty big damn deal. The Crescent City is essentially the US Capital of debauchery. Its the adult version of Disney World. So when put their list of the Best Strip Clubs In Every State, you could probably guess…
A Goat Was Beheaded In A New Orleans Park [VIDEO]
This is a pretty bizarre headline...but it is true. Someone cut off the head of a baby goat in a New Orleans park.
The park has an agreement with a company to use the goats to eat the weeds in the park, like a natural weed-killer. According to the report, some teenagers were 'messing' with …
New Orleans Pelicans new TV commercial is already a legend
The New Orleans Pelicans are trying to sell some tickets. They've got some great deal for some games or something, I really didn't pay attention to that part. I was too interested in their presentation.
This is excellent, they've taken the early 90s used-car/pawn-store/stereo approach …
Foo Fighters Play Surprise New Orleans Show [VIDEO]
When Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters record an album, they do it their way.  The last time around, Grohl bought the vintage board from the legendary Sound Studio in L.A., installed it in his basement studio, and recorded to analog tape - something virtually unheard of in our digital world...
Get Your Chicken, Watermelon and Liquor All in One Place
I frequent New Orleans for a lot of weekend vacays and always pass this shopping center that has everything any Southerner could want for an afternoon picnic.
Chicken and Watermelon, next door to the Hit-and-Run Liquor, is on Claiborne Avenue and the parking lot was packed Friday afternoon.

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