Cargill Park Sports Complex Renovations Complete
It's a project almost two years in the making.  The City of Shreveport broke ground to begin $3.7 million in renovations at the Cargill Park Sports Complex on September 9, 2015.
On Thursday, July 6, 2017, the City will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the newly refurbished …
NBA G-League Team A Pipe Dream For Shreveport
Shreveport can't even fix the potholes in its streets, but believes it can build a new sports complex.  How's that for magical thinking?
When New Orleans Pelicans representatives met with city officials about the possibility of bringing a new G-League (short for "Gatorade League") team to S…
Lady Gaga Lets Music Do The Talking
I was proud of Lady Gaga last night.  In one of my Facebook posts last week, I had stated that she would do something stupid in her halftime performance at the Super Bowl. However, she showed uncommon restraint and respect for a game that's bigger than her opinion...

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