Vote Puff for President 2012?
Yesterday, my post about the state of rock and roll seemed to get a lot of people excited. It's nice to see that people are as passionate about what's going on (and what's wrong) with rock as I am. So much so, that Stu and Brad Kirspel said (hopefully jokingly) that I should run for P…
The Ultimate Rick Roll [Video]
At some point, most of us have been 'Rick Rolled'.  A friend sends you a link to something cool.  Or weird.  You know...something like "Can you believe that Puff was making out with Alexandra Cranford at the Warehouse Friday night?!?!?  You have to see the vide…
Stu Eats Packing Peanuts
I normally dread getting any kind of package with peanuts in there because they get all over the floor, the office, you miss the trash with them...but not today.
Stu Brews His Own Beer! [PHOTOS]
Beer : (noun)
1: a general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal (or mixture of cereals) flavored with hops.
2: necessary for the livlihood of mankind and damned delicious.
Ok, that second one is mine...but true nonetheless.  I started brewing my home beer after a wonderful gift fro…