Steven Seagal Gives Awesomely Bad Karate Demonstration [VIDEO]
Remember Steven Seagal? He was a 'big time' action movie 'star' from the 90s. How he became popular and world renown is way beyond me. Well, apparently, he is still a big damn deal in Russia and goes over there pretty regularly to 'perform' Martial Arts clinics. And no...they are WAY worse than you …
Drunk Mom Makes Skateboarding Fun Again [VIDEO]
When I was a youngster, I was totally into skateboarding. I didn't go ANYWHERE unless I had my board handy. But then I grew up, discovered girls and whiskey, got a drivers license...then all of a sudden skateboarding didn't seem that important. But thanks to the interwebs, skateboarding seems fun an…
Every Truck Commerical Ever Rolled into One
I've done more than my share of commercials in my life and after a while they all start to sound the same. I came across a stupid funny video that sums up every single truck commercial ever.

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