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Finally A Teddy Bear To End Valentine’s Day Forever [VIDEO]
Valentine's Day has been lambasted for decades as nothing more than a 'Hallmark' holiday. A day of the year that some treat as a special day for their loved ones, especially their significant others.
But a lot of businesses have spent years trying to find ways to suck money, and the fu…
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Don’t Suck
Guys, let's face it -- there are two days you CAN'T screw up when it comes to your old lady: her birthday and Valentine's Day. You drop the ball on either of these days and not only are you not getting laid for a couple of months, but you'll be living in fear of imminent castration.
So, to make your …
A Dozen Kick Ass Rock Songs For Valentine’s Day [VIDEOS]
When most people think of Valentine's Day, they think of flowers and chocolates and cheesy poems and all that sorts of mushy crap that no real man ever wants to be a part of. But being nice to your lady is part of the game. Just because you want to be sweet, does mean you have to give up your man ca…

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