50 years ago, the BBC launched a sci-fi series, that by all accounts, should have short-lived filler at best. A rookie producer and director, horrible special effects, and a budget that couldn't produce a cheap TV commercial in today's world. And yet it survived. And aside for a little hiccup, it kept growing and growing until it became an international phenomenon. How big is it? Well, if Puff's Halloween costume is any indication...

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Of course, I'm talking about Doctor Who. Just a few short years ago, still a cult-only series, it has since 2005 blown up into a mainstream sensation. The 50th Anniversary episode "Day of the Doctor", which aired Saturday night, drew 10.6 million viewers in the UK alone, with an estimated 94 countries on board for the simulcast of the premiere - earning it a Guinness World Record as "the world's largest ever simulcast of a TV drama".

If you're a fan, chances are you've already seen "Day of the Doctor", all of the trailers, all the previews, and possibly, the various behind the scenes videos. But, I particularly liked the 'behind-the-scenes' stuff, so I've collected them all in one place for your dining and dancing pleasure. You're welcome.

And because you know you want it, the trailer for the 2013 Christmas episode: