FINALLY we get some relief from vampires and zombies in horror films. Not that I am against movies with vampires or zombies, but since the vampires began to sparkle I started to lose interest.

In the beginning there was "Zombie Strippers," but that movie was starved of actual brains not just the celluloid brains the Zombie Strippers were craving. Now there is hope with a new movie coming this winter, "Strippers vs. Werewolves."

This movie has some cred, just because of the fact that the legendary Robert Englund...wait a minute. He was in  "Zombie Strippers" too! Oh, well maybe this will be his stripper redemption movie.

No word on the official release date, but I guess on a full moon would be appropriate.  Don't miss the British Horror Comedy that will sure to be tugging at your heart strings, literally, this winter.