2012 was the start of the rock and roll revival. This year, we saw the return of legendary bands like the Deftones and Soundgarden, plus we got some great albums from Halestorm, Texas Hippie Coalition, the Charm City Devils, HellYeah, Lamb of God and a whole lot more. And as great as it's been this year, it looks like next year will be just as awesome, if not better. Here is the list of albums we are most excited about. What album are you most pumped about for 2013?

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    Black Sabbath

    It doesn't matter if your a metal head or just a fan of rock and roll, this is an album we are ALL excited about. The original Sabbath line-up (sans Bill Ward, although it does look like Bill may be getting back together sometime in the very near future) has got back together to make their first album of original material since the 70's! And they teamed up with the mad genius, Rick Ruben...there is no way this album will suck.

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    It's Slayer! Enough said...

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    Nine Inch Nails

    Trent hung up the Nine Inch Nail name a few years ago to work on other projects including scoring movies, videos, and working the he has with his wife - How To Destroy Angels. But Trent said that we was going to spend most of 2012 focusing on material for NIN with an album coming sometime in 2013! F**k yeah!

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    The patron saint of Rock & roll, Lemmy is gearing up to crank out another Motorhead album. So expect a new soundtrack for a night full of booze, blow and hookers sometime soon.

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    The mad genius, Maynard J. Keenan has been busy with his two other bands A Perfect Circle and Puscifer, but the time has come for a new album from the band that started it all, TOOL! When we might expect this album...who knows. We're in Maynard's world which is a frightening, yet exciting place to be.