With Christmas just around the corner, we'll be seeing more and more Nativity scenes popping up in downtown areas and on suburban lawns (where community standards allow such blatant promotion of religious propaganda). By now, you probably think you've seen it all - nativity scenes with live barnyard animals...nativity scenes with elementary school kids...nativity scenes with cheap plastic characters (that will be knocked over or broken by Christmas). But, trust me...you ain't seen nothin' yet! Prepare yourself for my Top Ten Worst Nativity Scenes ever!

  • 10

    The Pig Nativity Scene

    Oi vey! This Nativity Scene is a long way from kosher! If nativity scenes in general bring out the P.C. Police...this will have their heads spinning!

  • 9

    The Naked Troll Doll Nativity

    Ok. I've seen worse. But, I can't say I've ever seen cheesier.

  • 8

    The Cupcake Topper Nativity Scene

    Holy and Delicious at the same time! If you can get past the fact that you're dining on the Baby Jesus.

  • 7

    The Butter Nativity Scene

    Right up there with the cupcake nativity, just not as tasty.

  • 6

    Shotgun Shell Nativity Scene

    What a blast!!! Heh. Perfect gift for your redneck friends, I suppose.

  • 5

    Zombie Apocalypse Nativity Scene

    iI keeping with our current cultural fascination with all things zombie, I give you the irony of the zombie nativity. The jokes are too easy. I'll leave the blasphemy to you.

  • 4

    The Godzilla Nativity Scene

    Horrible/Funny/Creative/Sacrilegious. I want one!

  • 3

    The Spam Nativity Scene

    I'm thinking there's a special place in hell reserved for anyone that would make a nativity scene from Spam. In Biblical times, a festive stoning would follow the unveiling of this piece of...art. Good times for all.

  • 2

    The "Oh My God!" Nativity Scene

    Technically, not a nativity. but a Christmas lawn ornament, showing (can you believe it?) the flogging of Jesus on the way to Golgotha. Now, there’s some Christmas cheer for your neighborhood!

  • 1

    The Meat Nativity Scene

    It was tough to top the un-nativity scene above...but, this one is so bad. And yet so good. Sure it involves lots of un-kosher pork products (hey, we don't know...maybe the three wise men brought bacon, sausage, and pork chops, and it was mistakenly translated as gold, frankincense, and myrrh. No? You're not buying that?), but everyone knows BACON MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER...even a cold night in a barn...