For the first time in a LONG time, it seemed that the Grammys were going to acknowledge rock and roll. But those hopes were quickly dashed as the Grammys pretty much dropped a big, steaming turd on the rock world.

Not only did they not televise the Rock/Metal awards (well, that's not entirely true...they did show best Rock performance which was won by Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney), not only did they leave Jeff Hanneman of Slayer out of the in memoriam montage, but they cut off the All Star Jam Session featuring Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age and Dave Grohl midstream.

But I guess this was to be expected. We are talking about the same group of people that chose Jethro Tull over Metallica and Halestorm over Anthrax and Iron Maiden. Using the rock world as toilet paper is just what these douchenozzles do.

What does it mean for the music universe when two French robots and the Wicked Witch of New Zealand dominate the Grammys? Not quite sure, but I got a feeling it can't mean anything good...Anyways, if you missed the portion of the set that was televised, you can check it out below: