You blasted whipper snappers!

Today's College Freshmen don't know a lot about things that you and I may remember because of their age. Here are a few things that they wouldn't have a clue about.

They have no clue about the George Bush Presidency. Meaning ol' HW. Today's freshmen only remember the Clinton Presidency and they barely remember the stained dress.

Fun loving Ferris Bueller could possibly be there dad.

Amazon makes them think of the website first and the river second. I always think of a giant hot lady wielding a sword.

MP3's have always been available to download, whether legally or illegally.

They don't have a clue about the giant Sear's catalog.

This to me is really important, but they don't remember Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. How is that even possible? Everyone in the world should know Jordan. He even did that Space Jam movie with Bugs Bunny but then again, a lot of kids don't know who Bugs Bunny is.

They had Tickle Me Elmo's.

They never saw Cheers air on NBC.

They never knew that the Soviet Union was a Communist Russia. To them, Russia has always been a place of painted rust and vodka.

Finally, the phrase, "Don't touch that dial." doesn't mean anything because their TV's never had dials.