I was born, bred, and raised right here in our fair town of Shreveport. I've lived here all of my life, except for two years I spent overseas while I was in the Air Force. I LOVE my home town and the people in it, but there are a few things that Shreveporters/Bossierites do that just rub me the wrong way. These include the general population, business owners, political leaders, and anyone else who has ever had anything to do with my city.

Here's a list of 11 things, in no particular order, folks in the SBC need to STOP doing.

  • 1

    Parking Like An A-Hole

    I went to the Revel yesterday, and while I was looking for a place to park, I rode by a car that was straddling the line taking up two spaces. I wanted to get out and write them a lovely note that says even my girlfriend's two-year-old can color inside the lines. There is NO excuse for taking up two spaces when parking is already tight.

    I've seen the same thing at all parking lots. Not pulling all the way into a spot is maddening as well. Also stop going the wrong way down parking lot lanes. The directional arrow is there for EVERYONE...not everyone but you.

  • 2

    Weaseling To The Front As A Lane Is Closing

    Road construction is everywhere, and usually isn't just around for a few days. We have a lot of projects going on right now that take weeks or months to finish. You know this lane is gonna end, and you see all the people in the other lane patiently waiting like good boys and girls.

    But NO...you have to speed past all the people so you can be right up against the lane ending trying to butt your way in.

    You lose...back of the line!

  • 3

    Complaining There's Nothing To Do


    There are TONS of things to do in the area. We have so many parks, and festivals, and museums, and you name it. There is ALWAYS something to do. You just need to get off the couch, turn off your TV, and do them.

    Although, there is a double edged sword to this...

  • 4

    Breaking All The New Stuff

    You've heard the expression, "That's why we can't have nice things," I'm sure.

    Shreveport can't have nice things because we break all the new stuff. That's a big problem.

    As soon as we get something new, someone who doesn't give a rip about themselves or anyone else tears it down, defiles it, breaks it, or bad-mouths it on social media. You know, other people might have enjoyed that particular place, but because of bad apples, we don't get a lot of new things.

    That ties into what's next on the list...

  • 5

    Making Yourself Feel Important By Trash Talking

    I don't have enough space to really give my two cents on this, but here's the long and short of it.

    People who have put themselves on some pedestal and constantly complain about EVERYTHING just so they can get that "critique" in can take a walk.

    No...Shreveport is not L.A or New York. We're never gonna be. But we at least try to do something worthwhile. Whether it's art, music, business, infrastructure, community, charity, or anything; there are a lot of people out there who try really hard to make something enjoyable.

    Then there you are, with your keyboard and smirk, looking down through your nose at anyone who isn't in your clique. Get a life. You are really the worst.

  • 6

    Not Cleaning Up After Yourself

    Some of y'all are just...nasty. No matter where you go, you leave this trail of filth. Whether it's knocking something over at a store and just walking away, or leaving your Mardi Gras parade parking spot looking like a dump, that's no way to treat your city or the people who have to clean up your mess.

    Your mama should have taught you better.

  • 7

    Not Shopping Local

    People who own local places to buy goods and services depend on US to keep their family fed. Everyone in Shreveport/Bossier is your neighbor, and if you can find a local business to spend your money in, DO IT!

    Too many times local businesses close because people go buy in the big box stores, national chains, or on the internet. Those places already have plenty of customers around the country, so give your SBC folks a chance to make it!

    I do hear some of your concerns...I'll answer them next.

  • 8

    Pricing Yourself Right Out Of The Market

    This is a problem for some locally owned businesses as well as stuff The City itself has presented. For some reason, people think that we have a lot more money in our pockets than we do.

    According to The Department of Numbers, the average income in Shreveport-Bossier is just at $24,000/year per person. That's not very much in today's world. And while there is a need for the more high-dollar places, a vast majority of the populace cannot afford to do those things.

    In Shreveport, there seems to be a feeling that if it's new and exciting, it's gotta be expensive, too. No...it doesn't.

    Then again, expenses for certain types of businesses are built in because of the cost of doing said business. That's another topic altogether.

  • 9

    Never Going Anywhere

    This may sound odd, but one way Shreveport can improve is if more people get the heck out of it every once in a while. You don't have to stay gone. Just go somewhere else, even if it's for a weekend. Load up the car, point it in a direction, and drive till it runs out of gas. Fly somewhere you've never thought about going. Mingle with people in a different place that's out of your comfy Broadmoor cul-de-sac. Try to find out why some cities are better than we are, and bring that back with you. You'd be very surprised what a tiny little glimpse into another world will do for yours.

  • 10

    Phoning And Driving

    I don't care if you're talking, texting, checking Facebook, watching cat videos, or just staring at your reflection on the screen, PUT YOUR ^$#(^$@!!! PHONE DOWN AND DRIVE!!!! You do realize that you're sitting in a 2 ton steel death machine, right? Those fifteen people behind you honking are NOT practicing for the All Car-Horn Philharmonic. There is nothing in your phone worth dying or killing someone over. Drive you car like a grown-up!

  • 11

    Taking Stuff WAY Too Seriously

    Just...relax. Take everything with a grain of salt and stop thinking that stuff someone has said is a personal attack on you. Yes...even silly lists written by a DJ should be taken lightly.

    We only have one SBC, and we only have one life to live. Make best the both you can!