WWFKurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon (King of The... by sportsvipwiner
In most businesses, the boss's son is always some annoying, self entitled jerk. And it would have been easy for Shane McMahon to be that guy. His dad is a billionaire. His mom is well connected politically. He could have literally just drifted through life. But that's not Shane.

Dude loves professional wrestling. He started as teenager on the ring crew. Eventually became a referee. Then one day, he decided he wanted to be one of the boys. And he just didn't occasionally wrestle and let the other guy do all the hard work. Shane went out there and did some of the most insane moves ever attempted in the world of professional wrestling. He dove off of the TitanTron (multiple times), competed in hardcore matches, pulled off Shooting Star presses...dude was crazy.

And no match better shows Shane O'Mac's dedication to the sport than his match with Kurt Angle at the King of the Ring 2001. It was a street fight. Both Shane and Kurt put their bodies through hell. Kurt broke his tail bone. Shane went through plate glass multiple times and got a wicked concussion. This match is INSANE. Check it out. It's definitely on my list of Top 10 matches of all time.

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