Shane McMahon's entrance music might be the most fitting of any superstar in any era. Because Shane O'Mac truly is money. Being the boss' son could have been easy street for Shane. He could have partied, gotten a kush job behind the scenes, and just lived a life of luxury. But that's not how Shane rolls.

Dude has put in some serious work over the past 15 years. If there is a crazy spot a wrestler could possibly attempt, Shane has done it. From being thrown head first through glass to jumping off a 30+ foot scaffold, Shane has done it with a smile. And old age isn't slowing Shane down one bit.

Last night Smackdown, Shane and the Phenomenal AJ Styles got into a little scuffle to promote their Wrestlemania match. Except Shane didn't just throw a beat down on AJ, he dropped a long distance elbow through the announce table. From the ring. With AJ on the opposite side of the table. While wearing skinny jeans.

Anybody who hates on Shane O'Mac or thinks that Vince shows his son favoritism needs to go back and take another look at the body of work from everyone's favorite daredevil.


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