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Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

A lot of memories are made around the table. Dining out isn't just about sating your appetite. It's about spending time together with family and friends.  It's meeting a potential client, or a first date you're hoping to impress. We celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, get engaged... all planned around our favorite local eatery.

Over the years, Shreveport has had some wonderful local oases for the discerning, (and not so discerning) palates. It was really sad when they tore down Taco Mania recently, and got us thinking about the rich history of Shreveport's dining. Here's a list of 21 local restaurants, in no particular order, from over the years that we're poorer gastronomically for them being gone.

flickr.com/Lindsay Hickman
flickr.com/Lindsay Hickman

Murrell's- perfect late night spot after a night out
Smith's Cross Lake Inn- One of the best views anywhere
Abe's Seafood- miss ol' Abe working the floor every night
Italian Garden, out on Cross Lake- Where I took my wife the night I proposed 40 years ago!
Olive Street Bistro- Wonderful date night place!
Picadilly Italian Restaurant
The Tick Tock Grill- one of the best, freshest burgers in the day
Cobb's BBQ- some would say none better
Nanking downtown- another great spot that stayed open late
George's Grill
Don's Seafood
Pizza King
Cypress Inn, out on Cypress Lake
Mama Mia's
Dudley & Gerald's- One of the first 'cajun' restaurants
Chelsea's in the Square
The Bamboo, on Centenary
Oxford Steet- Loved the English pub feel
Taco Mania
Freeman & Harris Cafe- you would see everyone from the mayor to your local postman grabbing lunch

And some honorable mentions would include:
Shakey's Pizza- who could forget the old player piano?
JD's Grill downtown Shreveport
Hong Kong City
The Huddle Restaurant on North Market
Taste of China- I still have my soy sauce bottle the owner gave me on his last day open!

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