I've been new to town as the holidays roll around. In the past, even when family came to visit for Thanksgiving, we had to go out to eat, because my apartment wasn't big enough to cook and serve a Thanksgiving meal.

The experience was actually pretty nice.

We still got to spend time with family, still got to eat a nice meal, and didn't have to clean up afterwards! There was a long list of successes that day.

Whatever your reason is, sometimes you need to head out to eat on Thanksgiving. Whether you're looking for a traditional turkey meal, or something a little different, you'll have options in the Shreveport area.

After a little bit of online research, here's a list I put together of places that list they'll be open on Thanksgiving. (Of course, you may want to call ahead to see how busy they are before you head out):

Now one of the things to keep in mind if you're heading out to eat on Thanksgiving; the people serving you are taking time away from THEIR families to help you. Make sure to greet, and treat, these people with kindness. Even if you're stressed out with family and festivities, they probably are too. I encourage everyone to tip heavy on Thanksgiving...and it's not just talk, because I've done it myself.

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