There are states in the Union that have very distinct features that people who aren't from there find intriguing.  Not all states carry this mystique.  For example when you mention Connecticut or Illinois or New Jersey nothing specific immediately pops into your mind.  But say Texas or California, and you get definite images.

That is nowhere more true than it is in Louisiana.  Most of us can recite times that we've met people from other parts of the country who've asked some really stupid questions. Yesterday we put a post up on social media asking our listeners and Facebook friends to list the stupidest question they've ever heard about living in Louisiana.

The questions they gave us were somewhat predictable, but nonetheless hilarious.  We also have provided appropriate responses to each of them.


  • 1

    Do you have alligators in your back yard?

    Carole, who is originally from Shreveport, said she gets this question all the time since she moved to Wisconsin. She says she tells them, "Yes, yes we do."

    Big Boy Chill, ThinkStock Images
  • 2

    Do you know any of the Swamp People?

    "I'm so glad you asked.  I know several of them very well because they provide all of our food for us.  We live entirely on alligator, fish, and water moccasin."

    Mario Tama, Getty Images
  • 3

    If I give you some beads, will you show me your boobs?

    Women must really get tired of hearing this one.  An appropriate response would be, "No, but I'll show you my foot up your..."

  • 4

    Do you go alligator fishing?

    "Why, yes! Alligator is one of the most popular fish in our state.  We fish for them with very big hooks and giant rats for bait.  But we prefer to lasso them."

    Joe Raedle, Getty Images
  • 5

    Do you have to drive to work in one of those air boats?

    "Of course we do.  The whole state is below sea level, so our streets are always flooded."

    Joe Raedle, Getty Images