Last year around this time of year during the Shelter in Place Order I became one with my patio. Well, the truth is started to spend a lot of time on it, I was bored out of my mind so I basically fell in love with my patio because I couldn't spend time on a restaurant patio. I was never a sit on the porch or patio type of person up until then and I thought I would give up my patio days after the lockdown was listed, turns out I actually love a good patio session.

One thing that comes along with patio sitting is the annoying red itchy spots on my arms and legs. While I am out enjoying the great outdoors aka my porch, several insects are feasting on my body.

I don't want to have to submerge myself in mosquito repellent just to be able to enjoy my patio, that smell makes my head hurt. I'm sorry Off, it's not you, it's your smell. The good news is there are so many plants that deter those unwanted insects that poke and bite on my poor skin.

Are you tired of getting bit by pesky mosquitos? Make sure the plants in your patio have your back, or should I say your legs, back and arms? Check out the plants that can help you enjoy your patio insect-free.

10 Plants That Will Keep Unwanted Insects Away

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