Emergency Responders from all over SE Texas and the Houston metro area are in route this afternoon to the scene of the apparent crash of a Boeing 767 twin-engine cargo plane.

The plane being operated by Atlas Air Inc. crashed into the Trinity Bay near Anahuac, Texas at approximately 12:45 pm today.

Disappeared From Radar

Atlas Air flight 3591 en route from Miami to George Bush Intercontinental Airport disappeared from radar at 12.45 pm, it's unknown if the plane, with a crew of three, radioed or signaled any difficulty with the craft. A cold front was moving through the area at the time.

This is a breaking story.

The Federal Aviation Administration is on-scene and Issued this statement at 2 pm today, Lake Charles, time.

A twin-engine Boeing 767 cargo jetliner operated by Atlas Air Inc. crashed into Trinity Bay near Anahuac, Texas, shortly before 12:45 p.m. (Saturday).

The Federal Aviation Administration issued an Alert Notice (ALNOT) on Atlas Air Flight 3591 after losing radar and radio contact with the Boeing 767 approximately 30 milesMaps - 767 Crash Area Anahuac, Texas 2.23.19

southeast of Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The aircraft was flying from Miami to Houston.

Initial reports indicate three people were aboard the aircraft.

Please contact local search and rescue officials for further information about the emergency response.

FAA investigators are on their way to the accident site and the National Transportation Safety Board has been notified. The NTSB will be in charge of the investigation.

The FAA and NTSB do not release names of people aboard aircraft. We defer to local officials to do that at the appropriate time.

Google Maps - 767 Crash Area Anahuac, Texas 2.23.19
Google Maps - 767 Crash Area Anahuac, Texas 2.23.19

On your way to Houston, the Anahuac area is just before you begin crossing a series of bridges just prior to Baytown. The crash site hence is believed to be south of I-10 in the Trinity River where it spills into Galveston Bay.

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