New Orleans couldn't come away with a win over Green Bay. New Orleans will have to live with a disappointing loss of 34 - 42 to the reigning World Champions.

That's no matter to our first qualifier in the 99X & Miller Lite Grid Iron games.  At lease one person is happy with that score no matter who their a fan of.Congratulations to Shaun Remedies on getting the winning square and earning the first qualifying spot in the final Grid Iron Game! Shaun is that much closer on winning a Tee Mamou Cajun Microwave from Miller Lite.

You can get your squares for our next Grid Iron Game of the Week Philadelphia and Altanta Sunday, September 18, 2011 right here.

For more chances to win make sure and stop by your favorite Miller Lite retailer for more chances to win a Tee Mamou Cajun Microwave. Either way you must be 21 or older to win. Miller Lite Great Beer, Great Responsibility.

A Tee Mamou Cajun Microwave can be used at tail gate functions where you slowly cook whatever and you are able to cook burgers, etc on the top. It has a thermometer on the side since different cuts of meats call for different temps. These are used at tailgate functions where you slowly cook whatever and you are able to cook burgers, kabobs, or what ever you want on the top.

If you've never played the Grid Iron Games before, here's how it works.

  • 99X will have six Grid Iron Game of of the Week. You can trade in your 99X VIP Rock-a-holic points to get your squares for each weekly game through October 9th.Winners of the first five Grid Iron Games will get squares in the final game on October 16th, and that Grid Iron Game winner will win the Tee Mamou Cajun Microwave. There's a limit of 5 squares per VIP per Grid Iron Game.
  • We'll post the Grids the day before the Grid Iron Game of the Week for you to follow along at home and see how your squares line up.
  • If we have any empty squares, they will be filled with VIP's who bought the most squares that week.
  • A computer program randomly places the names and numbes on the Grid.
  • If you've already won a Grid Iron Game you need not get any more square, you can only qualify once for the final game.
  • Our grill has been customized with the Miller Lite on them.