The 99X & Miller Lite Grid Iron Game wraps up with our final game New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

We've got 5 final qualifiers, Shaun Remedies, Brian Hollingsworth, Stephen Garlington, Kevin Hayes, and Nikolaus McMillan going head to head to head to head to head in hopes to win a Tee Mamou Cajun Microwave?

Check out the entire grid below.

Our final Grid Iron Game will be Sunday, October 16, 2011 and we'll find out which one of our five qualifiers will be taking home the perfect tailgating cooker a Tee Mamou Cajun Microwave!

Even though the 99X Grid Iron games won't be qualifying any more 99X listeners, you can stop by your local Miller Lite retailer for more chances to win your own Tee Mamou Cajun Microwave!

Fan Up with Miller Lite and 99X with the Grid Iron Games!

Great Beer, Great Responsibility. Miller Lite.