I Was Scrolling Through TikTok When I Saw a New Trend That I Instantly Knew I Would Not Partake in.

TikTok is currently obsessed with a new health trend. All you need is tape. It's called "mouth taping". All you do is tape your mouth shut before you go to bed. This taping method is all so you breathe through your nose instead of being a mouth breather.

Are There Actual Health Benefits to Taping Your Mouth Shut Before Bed?

According to several people on TikTok, they think that keeping your mouth closed during sleep is good for you. Some of the benefits listed are that you retrain your body to breathe through your nose, and you avoid mouth breathing so you don't inhale dusty air. The main reason people are claiming that you should tape your mouth shut is that it helps you produce more nitric oxide, which helps you circulate oxygen through your body.

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Let me just jump in and say that breathing is one of the most difficult things for me when I run. I keep hearing from my gym buddies "Just breathe through your nose, close your mouth." In theory, it sounds easy, but it's hard. I have contemplated taping my mouth shut while I run, but I know I'd pass out.

Several Experts Are Jumping in Saying This Is Not Something We Should Do.

If you have sleep apnea it could make things worse for you, also if you need to puke in the middle of the night and your mouth is shut that could be dangerous. Also you could become congested. Mercy Media took to Twitter to say "TikTok users are taking part in #mouthtaping trend. Mercy's Dr. Kathryn Boling deems it a "terrible idea"; lips are too delicate to stick and rip off tape every day; if a person w/taped mouth has to throw up, they run risk of choking on their own vomit."


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