It's a question no one will ever ask me.  But if pigs someday fly, I have the answer ready and rarin' to go.

Q:  "What's the best bargain in America?"

A:  "Without a doubt, it's AAA."

For less than $200 a year, I can drive all over this great country of ours and be assured of prompt, courteous roadside service in the event of a breakdown.

This fact was brought home to my wife and me yesterday as we were making our way back to Shreveport from visiting family in Terrell and Tyler, Texas.  We were driving our 1992 Honda Accord which only has 287, 586 miles on it.  That car has been in our family since 1993 and it's the most trustworthy vehicle we've ever owned.  But, alas, yesterday it's carburetor died on I-20 in Longview and we puttered to a stop on the shoulder.  The apter name would be "finger" cuz it's so narrow.

Not to worry, we just called up AAA and in about 40 minutes a tow truck arrived, pulled our car up onto the flatbed, and we were off to Broadmoor Garage in Shreveport.  Yep, with Triple A Plus you get free towing up to 100 miles and Broadmoor Garage on King's Highway is exactly 58 miles from the spot we broke down.

I can't tell you how many times AAA has rescued us in the middle of nowhere.  We've had blowouts t in the middle-of-nowhere Arkansas on I-40, and in Oklahoma City on I-35.  AAA was right there to get us back on the road.  I'm also not ashamed to say (well, maybe a little bit of shame is involved) that I once locked myself out of a car with the keys in the ignition and the engine running.  The guy from AAA just said, "Happens more than you think."

Just to be clear, this is not an advertisement for AAA.  No one is paying me to write glowingly about my experience with the company.  But yesterday's events just remind me why the $175 check we write to AAA every year is one we're happy to pay for the best bargain around.

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