Even through the craziest of times, Alvin Kamara is still finding a way to maintain his balance.

The pandemic has not slowed down the offseason work for the New Orleans Saints star running back—and just like you, I was certain that we had already seen the craziest possible workout from Kamara, but here we are.

I know this may seem similar to all the workouts we've seen Kamara do before, but if you listen closely, AK's trainer is calling out colors after the batons are already in mid-air which tells the running back what part to grab. Even though it's enough to make your head spin, it's still not the craziest part of the workout from Kamara's physical therapist, Dr. Sharif Tabbah DPT, CSCS.

Single leg reactive balance with combined cognitive hand eye coordination. The addition of the ball swap decreases the time to react to the incoming stick and then requires quick reaction to relocate and catch it once again. Also this additional cognitive task further distracts the mind from the act of balancing.

I'm just excited to see Kamara getting in work even with an uncertain NFL season that lies ahead of us. No matter what happens, our boy will be ready to roll.

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