Ah idiots and the idiotic things they do. Is there anything like it? This is one of those stories where everyone in the world could've seen it coming . . . except the idiot involved. The woman's name hasn't been released, but she lives in Gobles, Michigan. And lately, she's been extremely worried about the rising price of gas. So she took the proactive route . . . and started hoarding it. She bought two entire barrels worth of gasoline, at 55 gallons each, and put them in her basement. Of course, most of us would be nervous about having that much gasoline in the house. Not her, though. And she should've been. The woman was using a space heater in her basement to keep her pipes from freezing. The space heater ended up igniting the barrels. And they exploded. The entire house was completely blown up, leaving only a brick chimney behind.  Luckily, no one was home at the time because the woman was out running with scissors with her shoelaces undone, in rush hour traffic, while huffing a can of spray paint. (Not really, but you get the point we're trying to make)

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