Why Car Fuel Doors Aren't All On The Same Side
It's one of those questions that will eat at you until you know the answer. I couldn't stand it so I clicked on the article, and this is what I found out about the fuel doors on our vehicles, and why we don't have them all on the same darn side!
Empty Tank
I wrote a post about running out of gas at the drive-thru window at Burger King. It turned out to be the best place to run out of gas because they were so understanding and helpful.
After having that experience, it made me wonder where the worst places to run out of gas in Louisiana would be...
Because it seems more often couples are cohabitation BEFORE tying the knot, they are likely to have many of the classic tangible wedding gifts such as place settings, kitchen appliances and the like. So, the new millennium trend is toward the “honeymoon registry...
And Now, A Story About An Idiot
Ah idiots and the idiotic things they do. Is there anything like it? This is one of those stories where everyone in the world could've seen it coming . . . except the idiot involved. The woman's name hasn't been released, but she lives in Gobles, Michigan...